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    Thumbs up Review

    Hello all.

    I have been using Cartikahosting for one year, and I would like to share my experience with you guys .

    After going through few hosting companies, I have finally found the right one - cartikahosting not only was very helpful in all kinds of questions, its support was available all the time. The email replies were all within hour. It's exellence support replies with detail information that is clear and easy to understand.

    Cartika not only provide best service that I have had in my experience, the tools that it provides are also cutting edge. Cartika Hosting's uptime and speed was superb, hence I would recommand to anyone who needs web hosting service for their business, personal use or for reselling purposes.

    I give two thumbs up!

    Crystal J.W.

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    Thank you for the review cjwong. May we know what website you have with them?

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    Good reviews are always nice.
    Neil McGeehan
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    Originally posted by ldcdc
    Thank you for the review cjwong. May we know what website you have with them?

    Sure, i have and hosting there, however is having trouble because of the Domain name that Scapeweb is holding (its a long story)...

    I have been hosting with cartika for one year, before that I have signed up for scapeweb, then one week ago, scapeweb tries to take money from me due to auto subcription, however I have canceled with that company more than half a year ago! Anyways, I did not get my money back for the hosting, Plus i paid for the renewal of domain name in through their company because it won't allow me to transfer over to cartika.......

    so right now scapeweb took my money and domain name... causing inconvinience to my business. I am a graphic and web designer, has my portfolio

    anyways, thats the story......
    Hopefully everything gets sort out soon since I am going to complaint to enom for domain dispute , since scapeweb is a reseller of enom.

    Crystal J.W

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    Hi Crystal,

    Im really sorry about what scapeweb has done to you. Honestly, this was one of the slimiest things I have seen a host do - as it was quite delibarate - and frankly, changing the registrant info and your nameservers without your authorization is illegal.

    Please keep all the receipts you have and forward them to eNom for review - I will also call eNom tomorrow and have a little talk with them about this if scapeweb hasnt cleared this matter up.

    Anyway, thank you for the review and your business. I am pleased you are happy with your service


    ** edit - my apologies for the typo on the host name in question - I have corrected this
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    Originally posted by yghosting
    Good reviews are always nice.
    I agree, I love hearing good reviews. Good luck with the domain name struggle. That's always a pain.

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    Thanks 3dx, I hope to have the problem solve asap too.

    Andrew, thank you for your service and support!

    I'm glad that i found this forum, its full of great information, reviews and materials, I wish I had found it earlier.

    Crystal J.W.

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    Aaaaaand there goes Andrew, yet again... always one step above the rest. Nice work, my friend. Crystal, you definitely made the right choice with Cartika. I'm glad it's working out for you!
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    cjwong, thank you for the update. Sorry to hear what you're going through with that domain.

    Good luck sorting things out!

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