Several Advertising Opportunities Available:

Text link on - PR4 used to be under operation by somebody else as an image uploading site, but I aquired it and am changing it into an informational website. It currently has a PR4. Your link will be a homepage link. The website is currently under development, so it barely has any content and is not fully functioning. A text link is $7 a month or $30 for 6 months (save $12), via Paypal or egold.

Banner/text ad on Web Hosting Insider - PR0
This is a new site, too young to have any PageRank. I am expecting it to gain PR4 or higher next update. Because of the youth of this site, you can either get a banner in rotation (main site and forums) for only $5/month, or a text link for the same. The forums are currently dead, so if you make 50 posts (non-spam) I will give you a month of rotated ads or a text link free of charge.

Banner on Hosting Insider Blog - PR0
This is also a new site, too young for PR. It is a daily updated web hosting blog, with news and resources. It is maintained, and promoted heavily, including B&P (blog and ping to Yahoo and I cannot get any stats for it since Blogger doesn't supply any, but it is high quality and relevant. I will put your banner at the top for $10/month.

You can:
1) PM me
2) Email me, [email protected] or [email protected]

Payment via
1) Paypal
2) egold

Please let me know if you have any questions.