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    Consignment Oriented Shopping Cart

    We need a shopping cart with strong support for consignment sales -- i.e. suppliers are able to login to the cart on our website and manage their own inventory sold through our storefront.

    After looking at cart after cart, I have come up with the following:

    Most Carts: No support for consignment at all.

    X-Cart Pro : Expensive but provides the best support for consignment with suppliers able to manage their own inventory, shipping charges, coupons, and delivery zones.

    Comersus: Provides baremetal support for consigment with suppliers able to manage their own inventory and has some basic reporting features.

    CandyPress: Has a "Consignment Mod". However, I was not able to get a good idea of it's scope from the poorly worded description.

    What I would like to know is: are there any other major players to add to this list or is X-Cart the only real choice for consignment?

    I really appreciate any relevant feedback! There are so many carts out there and it would be painful to spend so much for x-cart only to discover that there was a better choice.
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