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    Need suggestiong, and help with a PHP-Nuke design.

    Ok I've been working on a PS3 site passed 2 days and I need help with this design. I am just modding one that came with php-nuke. I've added the background HTML code to the Index.php so it shows, although I am wanting to know if there is a way I can make they other tables transparent? The web address is below.

    If you have any comments/suggestions please post them. I know it is low on content, but I am working on the design right now... not much ps3 info out there as of now.

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    Looks alright...Not bad at all...One thing you might want to look into is the header/footer. They don't seem to extent out to the same width as the content area...

    Good luck with your site...
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    What do you mean by it isn't the same width as the content area? You mean that you think it should be same size as the News table?

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