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    OK, On my quest to find a rather affordable but reliable company offering Reseller packages, I've come across the PowerVPX Reseller Package.

    I've searched this forum and know that PowerVPS has a good reputation among users for providing good VPS Services, but I wanted to know if the same applies to their Reseller Hosting:

    Also, I'd be grateful if you know of any other reliable and corporate-style (By that I mean established companies) that offer afforable Reseller packages.


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    You will find alot of great hosting companies here. You might want to take a look at the shared and reseller offers

    I know powervps has a good reputation here with their vps packages but I am not familiar with their reseller plans. Good luck with your search

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    We use PowerVPS for a VPS so I can't comment first hand but if we needed reseller services I would certainly consider them. However, here is another from our past reseller days, Dacsoft Hosting. Its a small company (not very corporate-style), but they are truly dedicated and knowledgeable especially for beginners. We don't use them anymore but they were good. You wont get partial, unclear answers from rude admins. hth

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    I have just opened a VPS account with PowerVPS and am very, very happy with the service. But, I cannot say much for their reseller - never had one with them. I would assume, though, that if their VPS service is an indication, you'd be satisfied. However, I have had experience with Site5 who I suggest you consider also. Mostly 100% daily uptime since I hosted some of my sites with them 1 month ago.

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