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    Smile - Internet TV - Need your opinions and help

    Hello. :-) is my first dynamic website. It's written in Python and uses CherryPy. Basically the website is a program guide for tv shows that are distributed via the internet. Often with a P2P network such as BitTorrent. RSS and Atom feeds are offered for each show, they can be used with a program such as iPodder to automatically download new episodes when they are released. Each show can also get a message board for viewers to leave comments. The whole site is about 75% complete. There are still some features to be added and bugs to be ironed out. I'm not sure what I'll add next, perhaps I'll make a simple point and click CMS for producers to create websites with.

    And now, this is why I need your help. How do I bring more users to my site? All of the current visitors have found my site by word of mouth, but as you can see, that's not many.

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    I get this error:

    Could not connect to remote machine: Connection refused
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