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    adelphia power link problems

    hello, i was wondering if there is some known issues with adelphia power link cable internet and web hosting.
    here is the situation...
    server and site worked fine using windows 2000 server and iis on port 80, and to handls sbc dsl dynamic ip address.
    changed to adelphia, had to change dynu, router and iis to use port 81 (adelphia blocks 80) now site will load home page, but can't link to sub pages.
    i can get to home page, click on pages and most will load.
    no pages that link to virtual directories in iis work at all.
    when i click a link that should go to a virtual directory, i get sent to the home page.
    when i scroll over a link, some say my www page name, some have my ip address/whatever.htm
    any ideas?
    my webmail server is running fine.
    is it dynu failing to foreward everythjing to a non-standard port, iis don't like port 81, adelphia not allowing?
    any ideas?
    thanks for any info.

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    Sounds like the pages are not linking to the port 81
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    that is what it seems like, any ideas?
    i have iis set to port 81, and didn't see anywhere else to specify for the virtual directories.
    i could try a different dynamic dns service maybe, but i hate to move my domain.
    hate to buy a new domain and new service just to test.
    the thing that makes me think dynu dynamic dns is that the links appear weird when i scroll over them.
    some are my domain, some my ip.
    someone mentioned i need a http header?
    i'm not sure what that is.
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