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    Thumbs up Hello all. Rookie here with a few Q's

    Hello everyone.
    I've been reading this site- man, what a repository of knowledge!

    Anyway, my question has to do with web design.
    I am in the process of starting up a little real estate company that will serve a small, local area.
    I need a website that looks 'right' and allows the admin (who would be me, I guess LOL ) to add and delete content.

    This would be a content based website to sell my clients houses.
    I already have the domain name secured, so I need to go from there.

    Here is an example of a websites or style that seems to be what I am angling towards (I see since I have less than 5 posts it won't let me post URL's, so i'll word it )

    Realtor Dot Com

    I would like to do something like this, only on a smaller scale.

    Anyway, the idea is that I will go out and photograph my clients homes, and come home in the evening and post their listings and photos and then have it on the site for all to see.
    The site will need to have a search function so prospective buyers can segragate prices, home types, etc.

    I have no idea where to start. I am somewhat internet literate, but not even remotley approaching the people on this site, so if anyone can be of some help and tell me who I need to contact and where I need to go, I would appreciate it so much.

    Also, I do need to mention that money is very much an object. I am just starting out, so if I have to sacrafice certain things for costs, I understand. Such is life.

    Thanks for any help

    LM- The n0ob

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    Originally posted by empresasdehosting

    Damn. That is exactly what I am looking for.


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