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    Patches and Updates - reboot?

    I've just got my first raq4 and am in the process of applying all the official SUN patches.


    Do I have to re-boot when prompted or can I just load them all and do one re-boot at the end?


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    You have to reboot.
    But i suggest you download a patched version of the OS and then use it to restore your server. Save a lot of time and irriatation when you have to stare and wait at the blinking lights
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    if you've ftp'd/wgot the patches to /home/packages and are installing them from the command line, then technically no, you *dont* need to reboot

    It's advisable to reboot when they come back with a 201 response, but you can just move on to the next one.

    A few of the patches which are heavily dependant on the earlier patches *can* have install issues. Just to reboots after each of the 2 main new o/s versions and after kernel updates

    It's worth doing tat as *sometimes* they die at those points and it saves you having to try and unwind the installs
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