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    Webdesign company needed


    I run 2 webhosting services, 1 in English and 1 for the Japanese market. and *not yet finished the design for inihon

    What we need a webdesign firm that we can outsource design work too. When our customers signup, mostly Japanese, they sometimes need a webdesign.

    What we like to do is create a section on our website, under WEBDESIGN where we offer the services of this outsourced work, but the customers dont think its a totally unrelated company.

    So we pay you, not the customer. The customer sees yours company work on our website and if chooses a packages we pay and you deliver.

    We can only work with 1 designers firm at a time, so we only need 1 interested party.

    See with this setup we can increase sales for hosting as we dont have to turn down clients without a website.


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    Last three posts in particular...

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    You can outsource your design jobs to me.
    If you want to look on my previous jobs than please visit:

    Thanks & Regards,

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