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    Compare 2 servers from same host

    I am considering moving from my VPS to a dedicated at the same host. They have set the dedicated up so I can test it.
    How would I best compare the two? Speed is a major issue for me.

    I have uploaded my VPS oscommerce store to the dedicated and I have tried adding a large amount of items to the cart in both shops and compared the parse times.

    The dedicated seems to be more consistent with a average of 5 sec lower time when I reload the shopping cart, where as the VPS times varies alot. I am the only visitor on the dedicated though.

    What else can I do?


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    Benchmarking is your friend. One of my prefered benchmark tests is to download the [email protected] client and run it in both servers and then compare the time it took it to process the work unit completely. That way you can test the CPU difference.

    To test RAM I would do some heavy image resizing.

    Just my 2c
    Fabio A. Calderon

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