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    [$5.99] Second Custom Banners Special!

    Since I had a very good response to this last time, I've decided to run the special again. I'm sorry I couldn't complete some orders because I was swamped with work not long after I posted the last thread, so make sure you hurry and take advantage of this offer!


    I'm currently running a special, I'll design custom banners for just $5.99 any size, animated or static.

    Use the order form at the site to order your banners (make sure you mention the $5.99 banner promotion AND include information on how you want your banners!). Better hurry!

    Take a look at some examples: (we will be updating it soon with more banners)

    All payments must be made via Paypal.

    Thank you!
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    Update: New banners are being put here:
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    do you have any combo packages or give discounts for multiple banners? do you accept anything else other then paypal?

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    Well the banners are already discounted, but if it is a reasonably large order I'm sure we can work something out.

    I could accept Ikobo aswell.
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    Whats the turn around time for a new order?

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    Depends on how many banners you order. I'm doing all the orders myself so if you order several banners it will take 2-3 days maximum. One banner can be delivered in a couple of hours if I'm there when you order it.
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    Do we order here or via the online order form on your site?


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    Via the order form on the site please.
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    i sent you a pm last night

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    I used the online order form, but still no contact.

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    Hello dakd,

    You will be contacted soon with your banner ready, I'm doing the large orders right now.

    chihpih, I don't know if you can pay with Ikobo without being a member, sorry. I registered an account a long time ago and don't use it. So I guess there's only Paypal left.
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    Ok, thanks...


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    I'm sorry things are going slow for some people! New orders are suspended until further notice. I am way too busy doing the orders I have now! Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    You got one out for me which looked nice but had 2 typos in it. I emailed you about it back, but no response yet.

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    Your lucky Pion, I'm still waiting to even be contacted


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    Pion your banner was resent. dakd, I'm very sorry I haven't been able to do your banner yet, I'm working as hard as I can to design all the banners and send them out.
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    Got it. Thank you. Wating for the second one.

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    Any news on how much longer it may take?

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    im waiting for response to my PM regarding design of 6 banners. let me know.

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    I dont see anything on...
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    still havnt even been contacted

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    Paid for the second one and still wating.

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    Still wating...

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    I think he bit off more than he can chew....

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    Still no banner and no email.

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    Still nothing...

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    I guess I got scammed for the 2nd banner. Never recieved the funds back or the banner. Sent an email asking what's going on, never recieved reply.

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