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    Canadian - Is it true that we can get a percentage back from the GST we paid ?


    I'm been told here on the forum that when you pay GST at the end of the year you can get back a percentage of the total you paid (around 7%). Samething for the PST I think.

    I asked it to some people who have a company here and they say they never heard about this. Any idea ?

    Thank you
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    As far as I know you can deduct the GST you pay from the GST you collect and remit the difference. You don't get to keep a %. As for PST it depends on what province you are in. In Manitoba....

    If return is less than $3 you get to keep the entire return.
    If the return is more than $3 but less then $20 you get to keep $3
    If the return is more than $20 but less than $3000 the commision is as follows:
    15% of the first $200
    1% of the remainder
    If the return is more than $3000 you don't get to keep any commision.

    These rules for PST commision vary from province to province so check with your provincial tax office for more information.
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    Jason is correct you can get a GST refund.
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