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Thread: combating warez

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    combating warez

    Hi all,

    I'm interested to know if anyone has come across customers uploading warez and illegal content to their servers and what actions have you done to combat these?

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    Suspend site and ask them to remove them.
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    Have you ran into instances where they've filed a chargeback? That is what really ticks me off...

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    Well, that would happen. I would guess that even if you do not suspend or remove the site, they might file for a chargeback too. I doubt those who are doing anything illegal would be prepared to pay for it. It is just part and parcel of doing business.

    I am not sure how possible it is but if you do manual setup and if the domain name is not a new one, you could run it through google and possibly do a WhoIs to it to see if anything which may seems suspicious appears. If they are operating under a new name then you probably have to see if it appears suspicious. There is little else you can do at the offset.
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    ask them a fee like $200 USD for breaking a TOS and they will never do it again.

    Always work as well.

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    They might just do a chargeback for that fee too

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    Yes, but only after a complaint to abuse. I ask them to remove it.

    I don't aggressively try to enforce IP laws, since that would violate the customer's privacy, and would be problematic as a whole. Sure, there are a few big-name items distributed as warez, but too many smaller things I can't tell from just a file name as to the contents or their legality.

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    if they do a chargeback on paypal just call paypal and say its hosting, they'll drop it.

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    Originally posted by VapoRub
    Suspend site and ask them to remove them.
    yeah i did the same. i disable his website and remove the software and ask him not to do it and point to TOS/AUP.

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    Originally posted by Mooecow
    if they do a chargeback on paypal just call paypal and say its hosting, they'll drop it.
    Is paypal pretty good with this subject. My experience with them in the past has been pretty poor, they don't like to defend people that sell services or intangible items.

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    If the necessary clause is in your TOS, by all means show the terms to whomever you need to in order to fight the chargeback. - Business Web Hosting Solutions & Server Management Since 2003

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    Suspend the account, and then inform the client. Than after a specified period remove the account. If you get a chargeback, provide all the details, including evidence they were hosting copyrighted files, and you should be fine.
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    if a client has questionable material on their server and you get an enquiry from the MPAA etc, I would take the dedicated server down asap.

    however, if you randomly notice a dedicated might have something questionable going on, then a polite question to the client (who are after all, paying you their money...) asking what's going on, or perhaps a warning would be the best course or action.
    Krypt and most other hosting companies have a disclaimer stating they are not responsible for any content hosted on the server- what is the point of this disclaimer if the hosting company is going to actively spend time & lose business policing what people do with their servers?

    if you do decide to terminate an account, surely it is fair to refund the money you owe the customer - its the polite thing to do, and is generally a good thing, at least for pr reasons.
    wouldnt you think so krypttim?

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    I've had nothing but problems with paypal regaurding charge backs. I have never won a chargeback with them. Best of all with all the proof I show they still wont accept it and they claim it takes 180 days to look into then closed the issue. I hate paypal but It's one of the only things out there to use for everyone. They told me Web-Hosting "Virtual Services arn't protected" They don't want to spend there time helping to resolve the issue as long as it isnt causing trouble what reason do they have to fix the issue? Hah customer service that went out the window years ago.
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    I would suspend right away, and contact the customer. Once the customer Emails us back, we give them 5 hours to clean it. If they do.. they got One Warning. If they do not, we terminate the account. If it happens again.. we suspend the account for 72 hours.. and give them another 5 hours to clean it.. Warning Two. If it happens again.. an immediate termination, no refund.

    Funny... i've won several chargebacks with paypal.. just have to get the right person investigating your account. A very strong suggestion.. "always" call them up if you have a chargeback against you. If you have the paper work.. fax it to them when your on the phone. If you have a good investigator and actual proof, its hard to loose. / We Filter out the Bad Leads and Send you the Good ones!
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