Xomni Networks :: Game Voice and Web Hosting

We sell:
- HL and HL2 Servers (All Mods)
- Ventrilo Voice Servers
- Web Hosting
- Shoutcast Servers

We are looking for:

Job description
Will adverise and/or market our products and services.
You will recieve a special 10% off coupon code to distribute to potential customers. Not only will they get 10% off but it allows us to track your sales.

Job requirements
Some knowledge of Game, Web and/or Voice Servers.

Comission Based.
You have two (2) choices.
- 50% onetime account credit (per sale)
- 25% paypal money credit (minimum of $100 before payout)

Detailed contact information.
The BEST way to contact me is email ([email protected]) o
If necessary AIM (CheeseItOrElse)