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    [Template] Gaming Themed -For Sale. (Part Flash)

    This is a unique template created by Complex Media (Myself and SFX).

    What You Receive Upon Purchase:

    - PSD (Adobe Photoshop File)
    - Fully Coded HTML
    - Flash Navigation File (SWF)
    - FLA (Macromedia Flash File)
    - Any edits on the banner for your type of game.


    GBP - 80
    USD - $146
    CAD - $185
    EUR - 116

    Prices are negotiable but that's what we want atleast. This is also being advertised elsewhere.

    The Template:

    Flash Navigation -
    Main Template (Watermarked) -
    Template In Browser (Watermarked) -

    It also works in Internet Explorer.

    This template is unique meaning it will only be sold once.

    Complex Media Team

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    Awesome template RickH6! Im sure thatll go quick!

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    wow thats expensive, ill give u 10 bucks

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    It's not expensive considering what effort we put into making it and what you get upon purchase anyway. Only selling it once anyhow. Already has a couple interested clients. If you've nothing to say, don't say anything at all please.

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    Originally posted by v3|dark
    wow thats expensive, ill give u 10 bucks
    Probably the most ignorant post ever. Very nice work and well worth every penny!

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    Thankyou for your kind words

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