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    Unhappy How much min RAM needed in Cpanel VPS?

    I update Cpanel to latest version, compile apache to use all php modules to latest except Java, install compile run everything except JSP and interchange. I left over 20MB free of RAM in sysem status. Min RAM for VPS is 256MB. If I install JSP and interchange, do I need to additional 128MB or 256MB of Min RAM in order to run? If I keep install to run everything, will there be data loss and OS corrupted? I tried to install everything but something went wrong after that.

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    I expect about 128mb or even 96mb is the bare minimal for a cPanel vps.

    My vps is currently using 19MB ram loaded with cPanel etc... but there again its Virtuozzo so much of the hard work is done in the base VZ file system.

    But for a UML vps etc. a bare minimal of 128mb ish is around normal.


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