Foodscripts is an ultimate source of recipes site.Its an customized turnkey.
Highly customized with the site and all.
We had launched 2 months ago. It has been very popular since the launch. Apart from foodscripts there are cocktails and other drink recipes too where people from bars and other come to get those recipes as those are gold.We update cocktail ones every month because thats where the main craze comes from . Apart from this we have other recipes like the ones we paid for as in unique ones.
Site was started 2 months ago but in April we were developing it and still there was unique visitors coming along.

Foodscirpts domain itself rocks.

It gets 200 unique per day and around 52 $ income per month.

Sale includes,
Modified site with new footer and everything.
Its been submitted to all search engines recently.
Has an admin panel to add catergories or recipes in seconds.
I have done link exchange and trades with several places and traffic is expected to rise in the coming week once new cocktails will be added.

Site has over 500 recipes and 5 of them unique.
Site has an customized awesome header for what had paid.
It gets 200-250 uniques per day.

Plus the revenue.

Site has a big potential.
It has 2 ads of people which pay and will pay as in coming months.
THe anatimation banner pays 20 $ per month.
Theres another banner ad which seller will get , just finalized the deal today which will pay 20 $ per month too.
And it earns from adsense too around 12 $ so far.
So you get around a 52 $ per month revenue site, wow thats fantastic.

I will help the new owner adding new recipes and everything.

The hype is alot for all this.

Screenshots for all this.

Traffic screenshot:

Google screenshot

Bidding starts at 350
Buy out now price is firm 500

Payment by paypal.

Thank you.

Plus have put this on multiple forums.

And you get chefs interviews too which frequently get updated