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    Question dedicated host provider that will provide ip addresses from as many as 6 subnets?

    i previously had a good host in fl which provided this, as well as seemingly perfect uptime. the name was something like hostcentral. this was 2 years ago. unfortunately the name escapes me.

    anyway, i have a need for this kind of hosting arrangement. further reqs would be host preinstalled with debian sarge testing w/mysql, and preconfigured independent nameserver.

    anyone have any suggestions (unfortunately the above requirements are strict)?

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    I'm sure there are many hosts around that can offer this but I think any of them are going to ask why so I am asking you why!

    This might also give us a better idea of who to reccomend.


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    i use debian because system configuration is simple, fast and dependable. i build ecommerce sites from existing dropped domains and resell them. much of their value comes directly from their search engine relevance. i need control of binding, and unique ip addresses that aren't being recycled.


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