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    exim and bruteforce attempts

    I've been checking my exim rejectlog and I've noticed the same IP address trying to do something on my mailserver. It looks like they aren't getting anywhere, but is there a way to respond back to their attempts on the server that would cause their process to just give up?

    2005-05-22 03:59:21 H=(tbe7hh1md7ydttl) [] F=<[email protected]> rejected RCPT <[email protected]>: authentication required

    I have the exim.conf that was modified by Jeff Lasman over at, and it seems to be working well. Just wish I could get this address to give up.



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    route add reject
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    if you add the ip address to /etc/virtual/blacklist_domains you should be just fine. Since you mentioned you're using the nobaloney setup for exim.conf, I assume you're using DA, as I don't think he's setup that system for CPanel yet.
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    Thanks for the response. So do I just add the ip address in the blacklist_domains file or is there some syntax that I need to use? I just added the IP address in that file and restarted exim, but it doesn't seem to stop them. Still seeing them popup in my rejectlog.

    I am using DA with exim.


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