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    email & reliability

    I have some concerns with email.

    How reliable is email?
    If i have email such as [email protected], this is email going to my own mail server and not something like

    I trust hotmail and gmail a whole lot more than the one tied to my own domain name.
    If it fails how ill i know?

    If I put a customer on their own domain on a shared server and their email suddenly stops sending them messages, how will we know it has failed. Perhaps after a week of no emails?


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    Once your email is set up and you have sufficient spam protection software in place then your email system on your server should be pretty safe and reliable.

    You can always check the mail queue in WHM and in the event of problems routing mail you can use DNS tools like to find where the mail is going and track the problem.

    Your email would probably be quicker than hotmail!

    Hope that helps,

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    You should have monitoring in place to make sure your mta is responding. Also if you have your own email on the server you will know when its not working , if maybe can't pop or send.

    The best thing to do is have a monitoring system in place to not only check email but your webserver and dns.
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    Ok thanks.

    I had an email account with my cable provider and suddenly I stopped getting emails. I did not realize this for about a week so I was a bit nervous about email reliability.

    I will look into these methods of monitoring email servers.

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    This depends a lot on the provider too. There have been instances when I did not receive mails to my yahoo account because their mta is blocking my friend's email. But generally, the biggest advantage is about using your own domainname in your contact. If your provider is good, there will be no issues at all.
    A lot of the issues get corrected quickly because shared mail server issues are reported early as it affects a lot of users.

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    I think it should be pointed out some very strange things have been happening regarding email....which should add to your concern. Earthlink's email servers were taken down *again* last night for a monsterous 6 hour period. This, in itself, tells you something very big is happening...they did this last week too.

    I have a main email relay point...and have noticed relay times have begun to be crazy. Really, really crazy. Try 3 hours. I have never seen anything like that...and had only started noticing it last week.

    I have no explainations. Email is far from secure or reliable. There is no way you can have two email servers receive email for the same exact address. The only think I know to do is to have two or three primary email addresses..and have relays setup..and monitor those relay times.


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