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    * Just got VPS need some advice ;)

    Hi Guys,

    I have just purchased a nice VPS package - Its my first VPS so I am new to this kinda stuff.

    However I am techie minded and normally learn things quite quickly, but there is something that i really dont understand on this VPS package.


    I purchased the package and it said, VPS with Virtuozzo & Plesk 7.5 reloaded. Which i thought was great just wat i have been looking for, 20GB HDD & 200GB Bandwidth etc etc, So i have received my login details for my Virtuaozzo login, So i login and see left habd side button saying "Install Plesk" I click this button and get this message: Plesk can't be automaticaly installed on Your VPS. Contact your provider for detail information.

    Is there another way to install plesk? I have raised a support ticket with the company however this has gone unanswered as of yet (48 Hours later)

    Thanks for your time guys,


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    Plesk might be already installed. Check your welcome email.
    If I may ask, who did you sign up with?

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    Company called, -

    I can visit my plesk login but i login and get this message: Service Unavaliable - Please may not be installed. It says this for anything i click on. Hmm...

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    I dont know why i signed up with them really as they dont have alot of information about vps on there website, If there support gets back to me within the next day or so I will be happy

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