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    Merchant accounts for Maldive Islands.

    I m reseaching for Merchant account who can transfer money to a local bank in Maldives called Bank of Maldives. As nobody has done this before in Maldives even Bank is not aware whether its possible.

    I would like to know how this works and what merchants accounts looks for when accpting banks to tranfer money.
    also a I would like to know merchant service who could it for Maldive Islands.

    a point you might want to know.
    > Bank issued credit card facilities such as Visa, Amex and Master card a few months back.

    Thnx in advance for the comments.

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    My congrats on your choice of location. :-) Beautiful place Maldives indeed is. Really beautiful.

    Now back to your question:
    You can actually talk ONLY to two banks on Maldives:

    1. HSBC Maldives.
    They might be able to provide you with card processing for the internet.
    You should talk to their Brunei branch, :

    Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
    Corner of Jalan Sultan
    Jalan Pemancha
    Bandar Seri Begawan BS8811
    Brunei Darussalam
    Tel: 673-2-252138

    2. And you can speak to Bank of Maldives PLC
    Bank of Maldives PLC
    11 Boduthakurufaanu Magu
    Male' 20094
    Tel: 960-330232

    Ask to speak to their Acquiring managers in both banks in card acquiring departments.

    You have to understand, any typical bank outside of USA DOES NOT USE the term "merchant account". Every country has their own definition for merchant accounts.
    So what you got to do, you have to reach the acquiring department and explain the manager what exactly you need.

    "Hi Mr. Smith. I run a web-shop. Can I get internet card processing services from your bank?"

    In case both banks will not help you, you will have to register your business elsewhere and get your merchant account there. I would recommend EU as in USA it is rather difficult to get a merchant account if the owner of the company is not from USA.

    In EU you can get registered (run a company, be it's CEO) pretty easily and you will have a wide array of options.
    On the other hand, it is EXTREMELY interesting to try out Maldivian acquiring banks and I think it will be interesting to them as well.
    Ido Schiferli
    Marketing Manager


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