Hey Everyone,

We sent out an email last night regarding the status of 'Server 2'. For those who aren't aware: we've been having some problems with one of our reseller servers (Server 2), we promptly setup a new server and moved accounts.

We had to move all the accounts manually and restore databases, due to human error we believe we have missed a few accounts, if you are a client of ours and your website is not up, please login to the helpdesk and submit a ticket ASAP letting us know which of your hosted sites are still not working.

An email notifying you about this was sent out last night, I am posting this here on WHT for those who don't check their email ;-)

In addition, if you experience any problems with the accounts that were copied over, once again submit a ticket at the helpdesk (we have staff working overtime) or send me a pm here on WHT.

On behalf of all the staff, I would like to appologize for any inconveniences that were caused due to the transfer of the accounts to the new server.