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    Thumbs up GalacNet May 2005 Advertising Promotion!! -- Don't Miss it!!

    A total value of $142.50 going at only $120!!!
    Whats more your site link will also be added to our Galacnet powerbar on the Recommended Links and fly by text link!!

    This is a 3 month package which will consist of the following :-
    original prices are stated in the brackets.

    Cluster 1 and 3 ( $15/mth Button + Text Link on "Advertising Partners" )
    --- C1 ---
    --- C3 ---

    Cluster 2 ( Special Deal $2.50/mth on "Additional Links" )

    Cluster 4 ( $5.00/mth on "Additional Links" )
    and all content gVale sites

    Cluster 5 ( $10/mth on "Interesting Sites to visit" )

    GalacNet network BOTTOM Banner Streaming ( 1 of 10 slots $15/mth )
    throughout Galacnet at bottom of all sites

    Terms and Conditions
    - link must be of the same site.
    - Wordings and text are to be similiar
    - Addition descriptions which are allowed on C1, C3 and C5 should be the same
    - 3 months Advance payment on PayPal subscription basis
    - No changing of descriptions unless it applies to all links and banners
    - banner must be directed to the same location that the text links advertise.

    There is only 1 placement available for this valued offer and will be given on a first come first serve basis.

    Contacts over MSN at [email protected] for a faster transaction3

    Promotion End when this place is taken or at the end of May 2005 whichever comes first.
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