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    would you mind?...

    Dear braders,

    I am about to set up a discussion forum. And I am a novice. I do have knowlegde of HTML and Flash MX.
    I have never tried PHP yet.
    I am wondering which server I must choose:
    phpBB or invision power board?
    I have searched on the web and I got a mixed reactions. Which one do you recommand me?
    phpbb is free, and I am a student.
    And I have ordered the following pakket: (it is in dutch, and I am lazy to translate it in English, but it is understandable.):

    Pakketten / Starters Pakket


    Kosten Per Maand: 3,95
    Setup Kosten: 0,00
    Controlpanel Yeah
    Gratis (free) Domeinnaam Ja
    Opslagruimte 200 MB
    Dataverkeer (data transfer) 2 Gig.

    E-mail adressen: onbeperkt (unlimited)

    E-mail accounts ( POP3 ) 5
    Subdomeinen ( ) 5
    FTP Accounts 2
    MySQL Databases + PhpMyAdmin 2
    Gratis 24/7 Support Ja
    Webmail Ja
    Spam en Virus Filter Ja
    Uitgebreide Statistieken Ja
    Uw online Fotoboek Ja
    Eigen Error Documenten Ja
    CGI & PHP & PERL & XML & SSI Ja
    GDlib & Freetype & ImageMagick Ja
    Frontpage ondersteuning Ja
    Backup van Uw account Ja
    Webwinkel software Ja
    Hosting gevestigd in NL Ja
    Own IP adres: Nee
    Gratis (free) Scripts Ja

    And give me as much tips as you can, and I will apperciate it deeply. And tell me something about security as well. Plz.

    I am looking forward to hearing something from you very soon.

    Thanks in Advance,


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    I think that vBulletin is the best but it costs a lot. If you dont want to pay the money just go with phpBB.
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    Id use phpBB yeah its free, but it also has a few glitches, if you do have the money go for Vbulletin but it does cost alot $85/year for a leased license.

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    Hello supa,

    I'll keep my response sweet and simple. I would advise against going with phpBB, first: phpBB is insecure, there's a new exploit for it now on an almost weekly basis. It would just suck having a nice new forum, with a growing member base get hacked, you'll end up loosing some of your patrons.

    Invision and VBulletin are two great bulletin boards the only downside is that they cost money. I do believe however that there is a free version of invision available at, though its fairly restricted you will be able to get a feel for how your board is running and with the use of banners and donations you can just purchase a paid version of Invision.

    Good luck with your forum and do us a favor and give us a link when its up!
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    If you are just planning to start, phpbb is fine If you get some good membership in a short time, then sure, change to a paid variety. Forums are popping up rapidly and if you don't have something unique to offer, chances are it will fizzle out quickly

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    I agree with anon-e-mouse theres no point spending you may asswell start with phpbb, And the good thing is if your forum does do well and you want to purcahse a paid forum like vbulleitin there will be resources available that will enable you to transfer all your posts and member over in an instance. Forums are hard to advertise though so bear that in my mind.
    Good luck

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    Or you could have the best of both worlds and go with SMF.

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    I can only echo what has already been said; phpBB is a fine choice.

    It's a decent forum, has plenty of needed and usable features, looks very professional for a free forum, and is a lot more secure and stable than some claim.

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    Originally posted by Bakie
    I think that vBulletin is the best but it costs a lot.
    Isn't "a lot" pretty relative? Would you consider $160 for a permanent, owned license of vBulletin a lot if you raked in $2,000/month for a forum, or even $500/month (or even less!)?

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