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    Webhosting Security . Spam , ETC

    Hello guys i know it is not the first time that has been asked but it will be more personal and easier to track if i create a new post...

    I need help with proctecting my sever for webhosting services i have a couple of problems and the things i have done already so im going to list them in order

    #1 SPAM & Spamers- How do i protect my self against it and how to check my log for users that might be doing it


    #2 Logs - I get my logs everyday but i really dont know wut to look out for.... what are the main things i should try to find , etc


    #3 APF (Advanced Policy Firewall) - i have installed it and im currently running this settings

    "# Common ingress (inbound) TCP ports
    Please note that ports 2082 to port 2095 is mostly used by cpanel, and port 19638 is only use in ensim.

    # Common ingress (inbound) UDP ports


    #4 BFD (Brute Force Detection) - installed


    #5 Secure /tmp Directory - Done


    anyother services , tweaks , mods , etc that you think i should do to my server to have it ready for hosting will be appreciated , i have not started hosting any sites besides mine do to the fact that theres more to webhosting than to just get a server with cpanel and start a so called business .... thanks in advance any help will be very helpfull

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    Maybe you should read up on

    See if you miss out anything.

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