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    [UK] Transit required


    I am after a company who can offer me mixed transit from a number of different suppliers.

    As it is for a hosting company, I would rather its not a competitor so i reliase it narrows down the options alot.

    The only company I can find is Aexiomus, but I havn't been able to get a responce from there for over a month.

    Does anyone know any other companies who will offer a mixed transit package, like Aexiomus?


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    Most providers offering blended transit like that, are going to be competitors, or it'll be run by a sister company, so legally speaking, there's no conflict, but in reality there may well be.
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    You'll find a large proportion of UK companies offering transit at the moment, although some are definitely worth avoiding while others do have genuinely high quality for a reasonable price.

    When you say 'hosting' do you mean colocation etc or shared webhosting for example? I know Aexiomus do offer colocation.

    Feel free to drop me a pm or an email if you'd like a relatively unbiased opinion on any offers or providers.

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