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    Automatic account creator script for cPanel/WHM. Take a look

    I was searching for a basic script that creates WHM accounts remotely.
    All I have found was over-detailed and very complex solutions, bundled with payment/support/billing systems etc. (WHM AutoPilot, ModernBill etc.)

    I have decided to make my own script, and it seems working well.
    You can get this script from:

    You have to go trough 3 steps of setup process and it will create a PHP script, tailored to your WHM settings.

    It is completely free, also no subscription or membership required.

    If you give it a try, please post your impressions/critics here.

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    Great Job!

    I've tested it on my server and it works fine.

    Maybe for those less fluent in php you could provide code for a form for customers 'signing up' (just a simple form where the parameters can be entered and submitted)?


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    Thanks Kuhn...
    Your sig just cracked me up. I am in the office laughing like crazy right now. Everyone is looking at me..

    Great advise by the way, I will try to put a sample form as soon as possible.

    Side note:
    You have only 5 posts 3 years, and one of them is for praising my job.
    Man! I feel special!
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    By the way, for a small script,if you are using WHM you can download cpanel-autosignup.tar.gz.

    You will find the link under remote access at the bottom of the page.

    You need cgi-bin and it works,very simple.

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