We at IGINU Hosting Solutions ensure that our customers/clients are satisfied with our hosting services.

Need an affordable yet reliable hosting ? IGINU is probably the best host you can rely on. We provide 24 hours technical support from our specially trained officers. We ensure that your hosting experience with IGINU would be a enjoyable one.

IGINU not only provide a stable technical support, we also have high percentage of uptime statistic and since 2002, We have 99.96% uptime. In event where any downtime occurs, it will be fixed within an hour and maximum of 3 hours

To provide our customers with more valued added service, we have changed and lowered our prices for our customers once again! Please take a look at our new plans : http://iginu.com

We are also very lenient with our prices, and we are willing to lower our prices if any customers/client emails us with their own quotes. We are willing to adjust our prices upon any request with valid reasons

IGINU Hosting Solutions