I am currently searching for a Server/Web Administrator. This job requires the applicant to be well versed in server administration & web design.


Admin will be responsible for maintaining and securing a Linux / UNIX (admins choice of OS) server, creating a web page (would prefer something custom designed, if you canít create it yourself would be willing to purchase it from a third party.)

The purpose of the server/website is for live web casts. The interface/webpage must be user friendly & easily used. The person broadcasting should be able to easily login & those wishing to view the broadcast could do so without trouble. A chat dialogue would also be required.

Experience Required:

Minimum Age: 18
Must be available at all pre-assigned times (schedule/notice will be given with a minimum of 48hr notice).
Must have a telephone (Cellular or LAN)
Previous Linux / UNIX Administration experience

Linux / UNIX Certified (Not Required, but a plus)
Server Administration security experience (Not required, but a plus)


Pay will be determined on experience & if able to perform all tasks stated above. Pay is negotiable.

Please submit your resume, with a link to your portfolio or examples of your web design abilities to:

[email protected]