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    Question I'm going with layertech

    After researching and reading this forum looking for the best server provider I finally decided to go with layertech. I need to run a very heavy load FTP so I'll be using:

    Base System Configuration:

    AMD SEMPRON 2600
    80GB IDE Hard Drive
    512MB DDR RAM
    Bandwidth: 1000GB
    IP Addresses: 8 (5 usable)
    Private VLAN
    Basic Resource Monitoring
    Debian Sarge , vsftpd

    $65.00 (Plus One-time Setup Fee of $19.00)

    Do you guys think is the right choice?
    Will it be possible to upgrade to the 100MB/s Uplink for the extra $10 in a couple of months if everything works as spected?
    Will it be possible to upgrade to the 1500GB a month?
    Are all ports open on the Layertech network, or do they close torrent or p2p ports? (I need to upload some Linux ISOS, usually found in torrents)
    If we decide to cancel the service do they charge you a cancelation fee?
    Is this the best choice for my budget of $70 a month ?
    Any coupons or deals available from them?

    Thank you all and sorry for so many questions!

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    Layeredtech is a great company in my opinion, we have around the same specs but in P4. Our server was setup the same day we ordered and the support is great!

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    I will answer some of your questions now:

    I would up my budget and get this one:
    AMD 3000+ Barton
    80GB IDE Hard Drive
    1024MB RAM
    Bandwidth: 1000GB
    IP Addresses: 8 (5 usable)
    Private VLAN
    Basic Resource Monitoring
    FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, Windows*
    100% Self Managed and Dedicated

    Monthly Fee Options:
    $80.00 (Plus One-time Setup Fee of $19.00)

    More RAM and a better quality CPU will help you and make your server last longer (you won't have to upgrade and move everything to a new box within the first 2 months).
    You can always post in the layeredtech forums or send them an email.

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    Most of your policies type questions and sales type questions might be better answered if you contacted Layeredtech directly. If you are asking about opinion on whether they are good or so on then maybe this forum can help. The thing is that we do not work for Layeredtech, some of us are customers but that is as far as the relationship goes, our words on sales and policies issues cannot be taken as official policies.

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