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    Plesk 7 dns help needed!

    I am running 3 plesk 7 servers and have entered over 5000 domains in the primary dns server.

    How do I set the other 2 up in plesk so I can control them and have them pull dns records from the master as a slave without re-ne-entering them all.

    Is there an easy plesk addon for this.

    I have tried this 4psadnsmanage but to do what I need it needs 3 licenses at about $700 each.

    certainly there must be an easier way or another tool out to so this.

    any help is GREATLY appreaciated.


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    Use a simple shell script like Atomic Rocket turtles Seconcary DNS. Or..... you can write your own shell script. ART seems to move faster than SWSoft.

    opps forgot to add the link:

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    Thank you,

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