First of all let me try to explain the purpose of this..

I play this old game, in this game cheaters arent rare, as there are no cheat-protection for this game. Idiots also crash eachothers games by sending loads of UDP packets to the games port.

I use this packetlogging program "Commview" to log packets, to view the players names in this program along with the logged packets and their IP's. To view their ingame names I have to add 2 "text rules" in hex format to Commview. When I got their IP then I go to my firewall and block them.

But this program is taking up a large part of the CPU as of the logging, and it logs way too many unneeded packets too.

So I thought about making a "tunnel" for people to connect to.

The gameport is default at 4848 and the queryport for the game to appear on the serverlist is 25300.

Now I thought to make this program, that.. when a user join, it redirects them to this program, which again redirects them ingame, after have logged their info, and from this program be able to view connected users, and kick unwanted ones.

A program like this would have to log packets, names, be able to view/kick/ban names and IP's.

Its on UDP port.
I know very little about sockets and such so I need a little help here.. im not even sure where to start..

Any ideas here?

Thanks m8s