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    * Quality web design $10-$15

    I am looking for some webdesign work. I am willing to do any site design except for Adult for $10 - $15. I can and will work within your budget For $10 - $15 you get the following:
    Full rights to resell or whatever
    full copyright so you don't have to put anywhere on your site that template was made by me.

    The reason I am designing for cheap is so you can afford it
    I don't have a portfolio at the moment so I can't really show you any work.
    Just drop me a pm or email with the following please:

    Site url: (if it is currently up)
    Example: (if you have an example of a site you want yours to look like that would be alot more helpful.)
    your email:
    budget: (here is where you put what your willing to give me for the job)

    Sorry I don't do flash.


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    web design

    I have a website and the main idea is there but i want it to be more professional looking, do you think you could help?

    I'll pm you

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