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    Namecheap broken?

    I'm trying to change my domain name servers through my Namecheap control panel, but it won't work at all. It can't find the current DNS servers and won't let me add different ones. Anyone else having these problems?

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    All good for me right now..

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    Fine for me aswell. Try dropping them an email.

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    You may have tried earlier during the .com and .net registry maintenance window
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    This may not be the same issue, but they have other stuff broken as well:

    razorweb to to support May 22 (1 day ago)
    I am constantly getting the following error while trying to access the parked domain statistics.

    JerryG NC Support to me May 22 (1 day ago)

    We are currently having issues with our parked pages at the moment. We would suggest redirecting the domain to another working URL while we resolve this issue.

    Jerry G.

    No ETA. I was not impressed.

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    We are switching to an entirely new interface this week and one of the new features will be a completly new modifiable parking page so this issue will be fixed.

    Our parking page was under constant DOS attack for some reason or other. We have taken steps to safeguard against that with the new version.

    We apologize for the inconvenience this caused you.
    Richard Kirkendall

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