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    RESIZING a PrntScrn Image

    Okay, I have been trying different tactics, but they have all failed. I am seriously getting frustrated now...

    My dillemma...I want to capture the image of my website and decrease it to 25% its size. So, obviously, I press Ctrl+PrntScrn, and open up the image with Paint Shop Pro. I go to the resize option, resize it to 25% its size...BUT the text within the image is all "fuzzed" up. Now, I realize that the text would not be comprhendible at such a small size, but I want the image to have at least a clean look. When I do open up the "full view" of the image, and ZOOM OUT, not only does the image have a clean look, but it is the size that I want.

    My question...How do I make it so that the "resized" image will look exactly like the "zoom out" image, at 25% its original size.

    I hope this made some sense............

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    Try capturing it Paintshop Pro and save it as a TIF file. Then you can try using Irfanview and use the high quality resize feature that uses Lanczos filtering. If you can't get it to work, try attaching the original bmp here and see if we can do something with it.
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    Thank you so much! That IranView software was great!

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