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    Modernbill order page

    Does anyone know of custom/ or just different downloadable order forms for modernbill.

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    This costs money, but offers a solution.
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    Rorder looked very good to us until we purchased it and put it on our server. We found 2 areas that really need to be addressed before it is ready for prime time.

    1) If you have an order group in which you want to offer certain add-on features only on some of the packages, you can't do that. Rorder requires you to make the add-ons available to all packages in that order group or they won't show up at all.

    This was a problem for us when we wanted to create an order group that contained shared, reseller and VPS packages. Certain options that only pertain to VPS had to be made available with all of the packages if we wanted them to show up on the order page.

    2) Real showstopper, this one: Customer can place an order easily, but never gets their total until AFTER they have supplied credit card information. You can get around this, to a certain extent, by putting pricing in the description of the packages and add-ons. However, if you are selling domains with different pricing depending on the TLD, your customer has no way of knowing what they are going to be charged for it until after providing full personal info and credit card info.

    As a customer, I would personally never give my credit cardnumber until I knew what the pricing and totals were.

    So, we had to go back to the standard Modernbill order form.

    So as not to be totaly negative about this product, I will say that it does cut down the ordering process nicely (except for the probems above), but we had to buy it before we found out that it was unsuitable for our needs. A demo would have been nice.
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    Bought a day before your post.
    Hope they fix it, I heard they are quick.

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