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    Wow look at these screenshots-cpu lag spikes and php 30 php processes

    I have just installed php, mysql and apache on my server. I have used all the default settings because thats all i can do. Ever since i started my site up i have been getting problems. The cpu would just go from 0 to 100 percent then to 50 then to 30. It does this the whole time my site is up. Before i put my site up cpu ran fine at 1 percent.

    I dont think i am getting hacked because i am using BlackIce server protector. I also have a pentium 4 2.8 HT so it also shouldnt be doing it.

    Here is the screenshot
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    Here is a screenshot showing about 30 php.exe processes. I dont know why its doing it but its using all the memory and cpu. I cant close them because they just keep coming back.
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    Just tested it now and when i turn off apache php.exe still runs about 30 processes and uses the CPU. So it cant be my website. PHP is doing something. Anybody know anything i can do? Maybe look at php.ini?

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    You have been rooted? AFK, PHP should not be running as a "SYSTEM" user when tied to apache.
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    Yes its running as system. Is that bad?

    How do i change that?

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    Ok i have restarted the server and now php.exe is only open once but it keeps moving in the process list and changes cpu usage and memory usage every second.

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    Ok just looked and it keeps openeing itself after time so now i have about 30 open again.

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    What php scripts are you running on this server? One or more of them is probably hanging.

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