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    VPS with Webmin?

    I'm looking to get a VPS. I currently have 2 choices, a VPS with Webmin or a VPS with Plesk. The Plesk VPS comes with more memory and more hard disk space, and a $20 extra pricetag (44.99).

    Now I currently host 2 sites. The first site is a very slow site, I don't recieve more than 1,000 unique hits a month. The second site is more data intensive, and I am guessing it gets about 1,000 unique hits a month, but it's members check the site constantly.
    Finally, I am hosting a database application (which needs to be secure).
    I plan to add one or two more sites in the next month. These are all sites hosted for friends and family, and I basically design it for them and host it for them.

    Now my question, would I be fine with a webmin VPS? I have a good amount of knowledge with Linux (the server is Fedora Core 2, but I think they may be upgrading to Fedora Core 3 soon).
    Is having Plesk worth the extra money? I also get more disk space and ram...

    Fedora Core-2
    Equal share CPU
    256MB Burst RAM
    128MB RAM guaranteed
    5GB Disk Space
    100GB Monthly Transfer
    2 IP numbers
    Power Panel
    Your own name servers
    Unlimited domains

    Fedora Core 2
    Equal share CPU
    Plesk 7.5 Reloaded
    Plesk SpamAssassin
    Plesk Application Vault
    1GB Burst RAM
    256MB RAM guaranteed
    10GB Disk Space
    150GB Monthly Transfer
    2 IP numbers
    Power Panel
    Your own name servers
    Unlimited domains

    So is Plesk worth it? I probably will mostly use the control panel for admin stuff, but some of the sites I host might want to use it too (the database app designers, for example, might want to add an SQL database).

    Thanks in advance for your comments,

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    hi! you can find vps with webmin cheaper and get better configuration, check on

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    You may want to ask your client's if they would prefer a control panel.
    I personally think it is worth it for the additional dollars but I'm not too content with plesk - I prefer cpanel myself.

    Go with a panel if you're unsure.
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