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    shopping cart wizard

    Does anyone know a shopping cart I can get that has a wizard or something to help set it up?

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    Take a look at shopsite. It operates in a wizard type of format and once installed, is probably the easiest shopping cart to maintain, etc...

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    I went to their site, but I already have my web page up and ready to go except for the cart, so I don't need hosting.
    Shopsite is what I need, but I need to find where I can just order the cart.

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    Hi glossyprint,

    Well you cant order shopsite starter (as it only comes as a hosted option)

    However, you can purchase shopsite manager and shopsite pro as a standalone and host in anywhere you like.

    You should probably consider hosting your site with shopsite partner in order to receive some application support - however, that aside, you can just purchase the license you need and install it on your own hosting account (as long as cgi's are supported - usually is with every hosting provider)

    ** EDIT - additionally, if you host the cart with a shopsite partner - you are not required to buy the software upfront - though, you can most certainly do this and host it wherever you like...
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