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    Should I look at dedicated?

    I have a website.. and right now I'm really pushing it running at 60gb of bandwidth of month. Once the meter wasnt reading right and it jumped over 100gb and I only had a few "lagre"(20-50mb) files.

    I would like to host a bunch of 10-60mb drumline videos and I just need oddles and oddles of bandwidth. I could use almost any amount of bandwidth I could take. I'm thinking around 500gb and I will be able to house a decent amount of videos but in the hot season (july-augest) I wouldn't be suprised if I could go 800gb-1tb a month. I would only use maybe 5gb space total for the whole site. Should I be looking at a dedicated system? How much money should I be looking at? $100+? Thats kinda hard to pul out when all I'm making is the google adsene.

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    If it's low space and high b/w you would probably want to consider just going with a larger shared hosting package since you most likely do not have the expertise to manage the server yourself.

    You could probably find that for less than $100 if you looked around but don't be fooled by the 300gb for $10/month hosts they'll just end up suspending your site.

    Also why not try compressing your videos with the latest wm9 or divx codecs, not only would you save on disk but of course on overall transfer.

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    I mostly do .mov quicktime compression. Is seems to be the best quality for the size. I'll try some testing with all of the formats and see if I can come up with anything better.

    That seems the dea for me tho. Just a shared account with 5-10gb space and all the bandwidth they will allow for me.

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    Oh 100+?? No way!!
    If you're good with Linux and you thnik you can manage your own server (which is easier if you only have 1 website, but still a challenge) try these two companies:
    See which company has the best price on what you need. Serverbeach offers more bandwidth, while layeredtech offers more physical disk space (you can get a second 80GB hard drive free right now with their Intel P4 package, look in the offers section).

    If you're not a linux guru, try these guys:
    You'll pay a bit more, but you'll have a completely managed server.

    There are many more, but these are the hosts that I've heard the most about (from friends and from searches on this board).
    Good luck,

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    use powweb

    First, be warned....DO NOT use their service for your primary website. It is unreliable, down often, and you will be losing your emails and mysql connections....

    However, they do offer 300GB/month (10GB/day) for $7.

    So, keep your existing website where it is, register a couple of more domains names (for example,, and use powweb to host them for the videos download.

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