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    php file access problem & mail problem

    I am having a couple of issues with php and they are:

    1) File access - php can't open files for writing/reading if i don't set the permissions on them to 777. Is it safe to do that in the public_html directory?

    2) the mail() function in php doesn't send outgoing mail, but I know the mail server is up and running because I can use a client such as outlook to send and receive mail.

    Can someone help me out? Thanks in advance.

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    1) Under which id php files are running? Take a look at the files owners and make your comparison by that information. 777 is not a good idea.

    2) Path to sendmail configured correctly on php.ini? What is the error message while trying to send mail

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    I've managed to get #1 working by recompiling with phpsuexec enabled...

    But I still can't get mail under php working.

    My php.ini file has the path pointed to sendmail, but when I type 'sendmail' in the command line window through ssh, it says command not found. They are using exim, which, if I send mail using exim through command prompt, it works.

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