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    Restore Plesk backup on my comp?

    Is there a program that allows to restore/unpack a plesk backup on my comp?

    Or can I restore a plesk backup into a cpanel account?

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    ive done this before, its a right royal pain to do tho,

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    Have you tried psarestore by any chance?

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    HI roughrider,

    Try This,

    psarestore -f <dumpfile> [-L] [-t] -m <ip_map_file> -s <shells_map_file> [-c <clients_map_file>] [--clients-logins=<client-logins-file> | --domains-names=<domain-names-file>] [-V {conf | dump} | --vhosts-dir={conf | dump}] [--restore-bu-cert] [--force]

    psarestore --version

    psarestore -h

    The argument -f serves for specifying the dump-file. The psarestore utility uses this file to read the configuration information and server content data when restoring the Plesk server.

    <dumpfile> = /fullpath/filename - you can specify the exact name of the dump-file

    For example, execute psarestore -f /root/psa_backup/my_psa_backup_file to restore the Plesk server based on the configuration and content information stored in the file /root/psa_backup/my_psa_backup_file .

    if u can't got it, check it in the following link.
    Bright Info Solutions

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