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    AWSTAT (advance load balancing)help

    2 servers with 2 log files.

    I have a website with 2 servers running on Linux at the same time (load balancing).
    I have 1 windows server that is running the AWSTAT(different server that is on The same LAN network).

    in order for the windows server 2 see the log files
    I created 2 mapped drivers on the windows server pointing to The log folders on the Linux servers.


    1) Is the "samba drive mapping" good for this type of setup?
    2) How can I set up the config file of AWSTAT with this setup? (the log files are on different Servers/mapped drivers)?

    LogFile="I:\ file*.log |"
    LogFile="G:\ file*.log |"

    can I use this syntax on 2 different servers at the same time?
    Can I write this line twice?

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    At least with webalizer you cant. The solution is to first use the mergelog program to sort all the log entries into a combined log file, and then using that for processing. Thats what most people do.

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    well AWSTAT can procces 2 files at the same time

    Well, AWSTAT can process 2 files at the same time

    The only limit I have seen is that I can point to one path.

    So if I have 2 servers A and B.
    I can point the path in the AWSTAT config file to server A log Directory
    And I have to copy with crontab the B log file to server A directory.

    I am looking for smarter solution!!!!????

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