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    Im interested in this.. Check your email pls.

    Ryan ___Interactive Design
    Icq:307-407-835 DefyStudios | Shift | INDNJC

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    I appreciate that you probably don't want to disclose much information but I always find it easier if someone has at least posted the type of website, EG gaming, hosting, e-commerce - because each style is better suited to certain types of designers, and many esigners will refuse to design some styles.

    Most designers when they see this will not bother because of the lack of detail so it may be of interest to mention more. You may also want to mention whether you want a PSD, it coded, a backend, a one page template or a full 25 page site.

    All these details will also stop you getting designers apply who are not what you are looking for at all and waste your time reading their email.

    Just a suggestion.

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    very nice word, thanks mdempsey..

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    I'm interested could you please contact me?

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    sorry my current website is it is an entertainment site dealing mostly with movies.

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    I can re-design your website very nicely…
    Also, have previous experiences in entertainment and media websites…
    Which you can see on my portfolio website:

    Thanks & Regards,

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