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    Need some help with dedicated server, please help.

    I have a new dedicated server with my hosting provider and I'm trying to configure the thing. I set the control panel (Hsphere) so it should be using a certain IP address for the "physical server". This was an IP within the range provided to me by my host. What should I tell my host to do with that specific IP address for it to connect to my server? All logical servers (mail, sql, web, etc) have been properly configured already for that same IP address.

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    Well, when you actually install Hsphere, you'll be asked quite a number of things, such as... your server IP address. That's exactly the address that will be your address to your server. In case you're provided multiple addresses, you can put them into a pool and use them later. All addresses that you have will go to the same server.

    If it's a managed server, just tell them to do everything and make sure you're ready to go the next time you login to your box.

    If it's otherwise, then your host should not be doing anything at all and just let you setup everything.

    As I said earlier, your IP's are all already pointing to the same server. So, it doesn't really matter what you do with them anymore, it's all going to the same server. No configurations needed.
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