I'm still looking for options on reselling webshosting services on my own dedicated managed servers.

I want to have, if possible, the best options to offer to clients. I'm a technical guy and could configure things if need it but I'd like to focus mainly on selling the extra services so the company that provides the service will have to manage all the technical issues on the server, upgrades, security, etc.

Of course a good Panel of Control for the final user is very important. Besides the Panel needs to be able to be configured in other languages, Spanish a most and will be able to be configured with very simple options. Some of the clients only need to configure their email services (deactivate, new, change, forward) and to create new users for ftp. The others things they will need like cgi, stats etc, subdomains will be part of the services I'll provide. Actually I have with one provider CPanel and will be using Fantastico but I'm I haven't used Fantastico before so I do not know if that's the best option for the simple requirements of a panel to clients.

So as you could see the requirements seems to be very standard I guess.

I'm looking for a company to stay with them for a long time and that have the best services. I'm not looking for the cheapest options but for the best services and the best uptime times and support when problems arise.

Please, if you resell services, give me your comments and advice if possible.

Thanks for any comments.
Thanks in advance.

Jorge Biquez