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    Question If you resell services, give me your comments and advice if possible please.

    I'm looking for options on webshosting services or my own dedicated managed servers for reselling.

    I want to have, if possible, the best options to offer to clients. I'm a technical guy and could configure things if need it but I'd like to focus mainly on selling the extra services so the company that provides the service will have to manage all the technical issues on the server, upgrades, security, etc.

    Of course a good Panel of Control for the final user is very important. Besides the Panel needs to be able to be configured in other languages, Spanish a most and will be able to be configured with very simple options. Some of the clients only need to configure their email services (deactivate, new, change, forward) and to create new users for ftp. The others things they will need like cgi, stats etc, subdomains will be part of the services I'll provide. Actually I have with one provider CPanel and will be using Fantastico but I'm I haven't used Fantastico before so I do not know if that's the best option for the simple reuirements of a panel to clients.

    So as you could see the requirements seems to be very standard I guess.

    I'm looking for a company to stay with them for a long time and that have the best services. I'm not looking for the cheapest options but for the best services and the best uptime times and support when problems arise.

    Today one person from DomainGurus called me and offered their services.

    Any comments good or bad about them based on experience?

    They seems to be good. But I have had bad experiences with some companies that they have good sales people that tell you they are the "only ones" or the choosen ones. Their sites are really good and some of them even offered you to test the services. Problems sometimes arise just a few days after you pay for the services or sign the contract. That's why I' was asking for comments. By the way their web site is

    Please, if you resell services, give me your comments and advice if possible.

    Thanks for any comments.
    Thanks in advance.

    Jorge Biquez

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    I have never heard of before, their website looks quite professional though, furthermore, if there are any bad reviews about the company members will ensure you are made aware of them in time.

    Do try and do a search yourself on WHT and see what you can find on the company along with some Google searches.

    The Plesk control panel is very good, provides a clean easy to use graphical interface allowing virtually anyone to setup / manage their accounts with ease, it also comes feature packed with the application vault, this provides many many scripts that your clients can install at the click of a button through their own control panel.

    When looking for a company, do contact them, do a little research. At the end of the day, if you feel comfortable with the company you shouldn’t have too many problems, just be sure to test their support etc.

    Don’t always opt for the big boy hosts such as, 1& etc as you can always find similar deals with smaller hosts which may be a little cheaper and are able to provide you with the one on one support you may require.

    You can sometimes find the perfect host by looking through the offers section on WHT and or even member signatures, just be sure you are not fooled by the unlimited bandwidth / disk space offers as these are just sales gimmicks and can sometimes hurt your hosting company if overlooked.

    If you need any more help, drop me a PM, and best of luck with your search.
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    choose an best company with some good reviews about them.

    check what servers they use, where there servers are located.

    do they service shared hosting too??

    what is the price ?? compare with other companies.

    check that you are not in an position which might make u r hosting company name down.

    coz you might be serving a nice package and support, upon downtime you have to contact your hosting company and if they stop responding, you will loose your reputation.


    just try to answer these questions yourself and u can succeed in this bussiness.

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    This is actually the second thread that I have seen so far about

    I am just wondering if they are going all out to try to advertise themselves or something. If you read the 1st thread about them, you will notice the same thing. Someone (from domaingurus) trying to contact them about web hosting/dedicated servers from them and what not.

    Rule of thumb is, if you've not heard about them or if you've not seen them in action, you're to thread very lightly and be totally careful. You might just not know what is going on or what will go on in the next 1 year. Also, do the basics. Ask LOTS of questions (pre-sales). Send emails to support. Check out their response time and also everything else.

    Again, just be careful. Don't jump in totally, be sure to have a Plan B in case something does happen.

    Good luck and take care. All the best in your new venture!
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    I would pretty much have to echo, the other comments here, do your research. Pick out a few providers that look like they offer what you need, and research them. Take a look at how long they have been in business, what kind of contact information they provide on their website etc.. Search for the hosting name on these forums and see what comes up.

    As for the company you mentioned, I have never heard of them, but am curious about how they got your number or email to contact you. If they got it from one of your domains on a whois, then I would not consider them at all, I view companys that use the whois to look up contact info for their sales as nothing more than spammers.

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