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    [hire me] tech support/customer service

    Looking For: Remote Work
    Job: Tech Support/Customer Service
    Salary: $250-$300 a week (Full time 40 hrs/week)

    *I am not interested in a commission based sales job

    I'm looking for a Tech support/customer service position with an established hosting company. I have approx. 2 years exp working in the hosting industry in many different roles ranging from basic support to customer service manager. I'm looking to be part of a team for a comany that values communication and great customer service. I'm available to work Mon. - Fri. between the hours of 8am and midnight EST (-5 GMT) as well as weekends if needed.

    I have experience with:
    Ensim (very limited)
    Modernbill (use, install, set up, integration of esupport)
    WHMAutopilot (install, setup, use)
    esupport (use, install setup, upgrade)
    PHPLive (use, install, admin, setup, upgrade)
    Abuse issues (SPAM, copyright infringement etc.)
    Virtual hosting
    Reseller hosting
    Some dedicated server support (minor, I am NOT a Linux Admin)
    Minor Linux knowledge (would like to learn more)
    script installation (phpnuke, coppermine, etc.)
    Support Forum Admin
    Vbulletin(applying mods/hacks)
    Phpbb(applying mods/hacks)
    Invision(applying mods/hacks)

    I can be contacted via e-mail at techguymh(at), AIM @ tecguymh, Yahoo @ techguymh. Resume can also be sent upon request.

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    Please read the post, I am NOT hiring. I am looking for a job. Sorry but my inbox is filling up with people sending me their resumes.
    --------------------------------------- - Reseller specialist | Cpanel Reseller hosting | Failover cPanel Hosting - Managed VPS | Managed Hybrid

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